Kente Management

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Kente Management offers full service management for multi-residential, retail and commercial properties

Kente Management is owned by Royal Property Management

Our Team Offers:

  • All inclusive and user pay fees
  • Professional quality service
  • Timely and confidential monthly operation report
  • 24/7 on call services
  • Yardi Genesis Property Management Software
  • Up to date Residential Tenancies Act legislation
  • Tribunal representation

Kente Property Management provides property management services. We are a third party management company whereby we are hired to manage property for individuals.

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Testimonials from Property Owners


Thanks for the quick action.

You guys are awesome and I'd like to take a minute to give you and the team at Kente some feedback. Back in the summer Paul got audited from CRA and they sent a list of requests to our accountant. One of those requests was to provide income statements and supporting receipts for the rental properties in Belleville for the past number of years. After supplying the requested income statements in a timely manner and answering all of their questions the CRA have now told us that they no longer require the hard copies of the individual receipts. To me, that means that your record keeping is good enough to satisfy a CRA auditor. They must feel that your work is very professional and therefore trust it enough not to ask for the backup documentation. Congratulations. This makes Kente and us both look very good in the eyes of the CRA. On behalf of both my brother and myself I'd like to say thank you.

The bad news is that you went to all that work putting the receipts together for us and no one even opened the box.

Please pass this on to your coworkers.



As an owner of an investment property I came to the experience eager but green. After a great beginning that quickly fizzled I realized we needed an engaged and experienced Team. When we looked at Kente's website we saw a company focused on service and it's clients. When we spoke on the phone, Kente was approachable, helpful and answered all our questions. When we met in person the team at Kente was knowlageable,engaged and friendly.

Since we have moved our business to Kente we have been delighted with the improved condition of our building, our tenants are happier and we are seeing a better bottom line. Their management of the building and tenants has been swift, competent and above expectations. Their knowledge of the community, attention to detail and assistance with the trades has been invaluable. The maintenance of the administrative side of the business has been excellent. All aspects of their business are carried out with the upmost integrity.

I would highly recommend Kente Management to any one looking for exceptional Property Management Services.

Paula, Guelph On