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***Please note that this application form does not support cell phone applications at this time**

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Dear Applicant:

Thank you for your interest in Kente Property Management. 

In order to process your application in a prompt manner we ask that you review the following:

  • The application must be filled out completely by all proposed applicants
  • Online applications you  must press the submit button
  • We endeavor to process applications within 24-48 hours of receipt of the application during regular business hours. Applications received after regular office hours will be processed the next business day.  Please be advised that applications that are not filled out completely will hold up this process
  • We require a copy of a current pay stub along with the application form
  • A letter of reference from current and prior landlords will help expedite the application process
  • Once your application has been accepted, a NON REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT is required within 48 hours (unless otherwise directed by our office).  This deposit is to be paid by certified cheque, money order or Debit at our office located on the 2nd floor of Century Place during regular business hours Monday-Thursday 8:30am - 4:30pm and 8:30am - 4:00pm on Friday, Closed for Lunch daily from12:00pm until12:30pm
  • Upon Move in and signing of the one year lease you will be required to provide the following:
  • Verification that utilities (hydro and/or water), if applicable, has been transferred to your name
  • A cheque for the first month’s rent
  • Up to date vehicle information
  • Up to date telephone number          

I understand that:

  • the monthly rent is payable on the first day of each month;
  • if my application is accepted, I must pay a deposit within 48 hours, by certified funds, that will be applied as rent to the last month of my tenancy, deposit is non refundable
  • I must also pay the first month’s rent prior to entering into the Residential Tenancy Agreement;
  • if applicable I will arrange to have the appropriate utility companies place the account(s) in my name, prior to taking possession of the premises
  • I may be required to provide a Guarantor to guarantee payment of rent and any costs for damage that I may cause.
Thank you for your application.   


Please note that applications submitted on the Last Day of the Month and the First Day of the Month maybe delayed due to volume of applications....